Park Falls, WI 54552

109 1st Street North
Park Falls, WI 54552

Architect: Supervising Architect’s Office

Built: 1936

This building also hosts federal and state offices including the US Forestry Department and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

A description next to the mural reads:
“Flambeau River Fight”
In this mural painting, by James Watrous of the University of Wisconsin Art School, is depicted a river fight said to have taken place in the year 1888 at the junction of the north fork and south fork of the Flambeau Rivers. Two rival logging crews fought savagly (sic) for days for the privlege (sic) of driving their logs into the main river ahead of the other.
Stories of this fight have been told and retold by the old “River Pigs,” as the log drivers were then called, until it has become a legend of the North Woods.